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We offer a variety of services that can be customized to fit your unique needs. From things like publicity, social media marketing, web updates, newsletter management, and more – all the way up to full time virtual assistant services we have you covered.

Have you been wanting to get more out of your business, but need to offload some work so you can better manage your time?

Paige is amazing BUT YOU CANT HAVE HER. Just kidding. But seriously. Paige is simply amazing and her organization skills are mind blowing. She is a joy to work with and just the thought of not having her help, gives me serious anxiety. –


Platform Management Packages

For the author, musician, or other small business owner who doesn't want to handle it all on their own.

We offer unique and hands on management of social media, newsletter marketing, and more that keeps your platforms in your voice while offloading time for you that can be better spent doing more of what you love – while we do what we love.

P.S.: all of our packages are named after mythological creatures, because, well, we can. 

The Unicorn Plan

We call this main package the Unicorn plan, because it's pretty much everything the average author needs. It is a fully customizable plan fitted to the business. You receive a maximum of 20 hours/month for $450.

Centaur Plan

The Centaur plan is what we like to call our social media management plan. In Greek legends, humans were joined at the waist to the body and legs of a horse. In modern times, we humans are more attached at the hip to technology. That’s why a good social media presence is so important. We can help. 

  • Full Scheduling of the Social Media of Your Choice

    We tend to utilize Meta Business Suite when possible for scheduling, to ensure your content is always posted on time and ready for your audience to engage.

  • Custom Graphic Creation

    We will come up with a plan using your brand colors to create a cohesive visual presence across your social media for the graphics we use when posting.

  • Regular Analytics Analysis

    We consistently work to make sure your posts are appearing on your social media channels at the right time to engage your audience, and take note of the post types that perform the best so that we can make adjustments as necessary so that results are even better over time.

    Please note, we value actual engagement over follower numbers as this is the real assessment in how well your content is performing. Therefore we don't support follow for follow practices, or anything that is used to bloat numbers with people not interested in your content. We offer more reliable means to build community.

Investment Starting at $200 per month

Griffin Plan

The Griffin plan is what we call our newsletter management service. With the body of a lion and the head and the wings of an eagle, much like the griffin we want to help your business take flight and a solid plan for your emailing marketing can really help with that. 

  • Full Management of your Newsletter Platform

    We will request personal notes and things of that nature, but we'll handle the scheduling and sending along with all building of content and set up.

  • Newsletter Swaps and Promos

    If you're an author, one thing that we also do is handle the set up and follow through of all your swaps and promos, either via individual set up or your BookFunnel and StoryOrigin accounts if you have those. We have proven experience in USA Today boxed set runs and are familiar with what is needed in these sets and can help with that, as well.

  • Custom Automation Sequences

    We will assist you in setting up your welcome sequences so that your new subscribers are nurtured and ready to be super fans for your business.

  • Regular List Cleanses

    We regularly "scrub" the email lists we manage to ensure that you're not paying for subscribers that don't have an interest in your business. We can do a last chance campaign to win them back, and if they don't engage we unsubscribe them from your list to keep your open and click through rates higher.

Investment Starting At $100 per month


The Hydra plan is what we like to call our combination social media and newsletter plan. This is because the hydra has multiple heads and this is a multi faceted service, and well, because it sounds cool.  Having us manage both your newsletter and social channels will ensure you’re putting out a cohesive message across your brand. 

  • Full Management of Social Media of Choice and Newsletter

    This way, your content is being planned with both of these important marketing facets in mind.

  • Everything in the Centaur Plan

    All the graphic creation, analytics analysis, and experience we bring to our regular social media plan is included in this package.

  • Everything in the Griffin Plan

    All of the newsletter management, set up, list scrubbing, and automations that are included in our regular newsletter management service are included in this package.

Investment starting at $275 per month

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Book Launch Packages

Everything you need to give your book a solid start in terms of publicity.

Ready to work together?

Marketing makes my eyes roll back in my head. I’m so happy to have found Paige Boggs. She has so many ideas, connections, and information that I could have never figured out on my own. She has specific tools but also customizes marketing strategies to meet individual needs. That has really made a difference for me. I don’t know what I’d do without Paige’s help.