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Paige Jenkins

Social Media and Newsletter Marketing Manager, Publicist, Ads Manager, and General VA

Hey, I’m Paige! I thrive off caffeine and chaos. I live in Florence, AL with my husband/partner in quirk Zach, our zany Pomeranian Bell, and the Grim Reaper (a very nice cat, really). 


Rollercoasters and sunsets make me happy, and I have a goal to visit all fifty states and as many countries as I can after that. I love cooking and baking because the southern in me loves feeding people. You can often find me with a book or watching a horror movie(Zach and I also run a horror community!) in my free time, or at one of my favorite local parks enjoying the nature I’m lucky to be surrounded by! 


 I’m probably one of the most out there individuals you’ll ever meet, because I have this crazy idea that building a successful business doesn’t have to be boring. Let’s make it fun together! I’ve been an avid reader my entire life and that led me to the launch of my own book blog several years ago. 


From there, I began studying various aspects of marketing, publicity, and social media so that I can assist authors from the ground up in building a successful platform. I then expanded to assisting with other small businesses. I love holding your hand from the very beginning and providing you reassurance that you are leaving part of your business in hands you can trust. You focus on the parts of you business you know and love, like the writing, and leave the rest to us.

I have taken a variety of courses throughout the years I have been doing this from the likes of Rachel Pederson, Hubspot, Mark Dawson, and more, however I feel like nothing beats the experience and network I have built with time.

Zach Jenkins

Publicity Assistant, Web Manager, and General VA 

I’m Zach! New resident of Florence, AL with my beautiful wife and our goofy furkids. I enjoy heavy music and horror movies, and making movies myself. I channel a lot of my own creativity into pieces of wood, as I love making art out of pallets and other reclaimed pieces. My favorite thing to do is go on adventures with my other half be it going to the farmer’s market or spontaneously driving 6 hours to the beach at 4 am one random Saturday morning. 

Paige calls me the calm to her chaos, which considering I’m a bit off the wall myself is saying something. Our strengths and weaknesses really compliment the other which is what makes us a great team and able to offer so much for our clients. I love doing things like putting together web pages and organizing data or even helping brainstorm blurbs and titles for books. 

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